The Countries

The Countries

As time passed the rule of kings and emperors could not last and the shape of the world began to change, where once stood a few realms now stood many nations.

The United States of Shintochi

During the reign of the Empire the kingdoms of the Isle of Wivern fell to ruin and for several years war tore across its lands until finally the decision was made to unite the various factions as states under the governance of one appointed leader with subsequent heads of state below them and so the United States of Shintochi were established. The United States consist of Honjo the northernmost state, Michigawa which lies along the northwestern coast, Ryuugi and Higashi in the west, Sakashi in the south, Chuokyo and Shinjo in the east, and finally Ishijima Island and the Shageki Island.

Independent Archipelago

Towards the end of the Empire many people fled from its realms to free themselves from poverty and oppression. A number of people headed north and began occupying a group of islands in the middle of the Matuvoqimaq Sea they established for themselves a small democratic government and began to trade with various nations for they were perfectly situated to become a leader in the fishing industry.

The old realms of the Empire

After the fall of the Empire its lands became divided and after twelve years of war eleven countries were formed within its old border lines. In the north where once was Kitafu province it became three nations Narsaqna, Orngate, and Kitafu, in the west Nishifu province was divided between the Republic of Ragnarr, the Democratic Republic of Nyragnar, and Garthmoor, in the south lands were not only taken from the old province of Minamifu but also from the tribal realm of Na Lu’um this area was then cut up between Niweland, New Kenwold, and the Republic of Ninah, and finally in the central province of Chuofu there was established the People’s Republic of Kingsleigh and the People’s Federation of Minamishi.

Field land

Narsaqna is a democratic country named after the old kingship which once ruled the northern peninsular of the southern Draca Lands, this new Narsaqna however is but a half of the old lands located at the very tip of the peninsular. Its main industry is shipping and although many people reside within its borders its population remains predominantly northern.

The Egle’s Gate

Orngate is small dictatorship which located along the south eastern shore of Kalfirth, it is named after the mountain pass which runs through it and nothing much is known about its people and lands for it remains a staunch and hostile country.

Northern District

Kitafu sits between the two most northern countries and the People’s Republic of Kingsleigh. It is a principality under the rule of the son of the last Emperor because of this its people remain fiercely loyal to the ideology of an Empire.

Republic of Ragnarr
The Strong Protector

The Republic of Ragnarr is located in the upper half of what was once the old kingship of Ragnarr, the people of the province of Nishifu had always remained staunchly patriotic despite the long years as part of the Empire and so when the Empire fell despite splitting into three distinct countries they each retained within their name an element of their old kingdom. Even though the Empire had for the most part bled the mines of Nishifu dry in the far north of the Republic of Ragnarr gold and precious stone could still be found thus it continued its wealthy trade.

Democratic Republic of Nyragnar
New Ragnarr

The Democratic Republic of Nyragnar is located between the Republic of Ragnarr and Garthmoor and its name declares it the new Ragnarr thus creating much friction between its people and their neighbours.

Enclosed Wrath

Garthmoor is a democratic country located in the south of old Ragnarr it gleans its name from the great capital city of the old kingship whose ruins can still be seen atop the mountains.

New Land

Niweland is a small country who shares a border with the huge kingdom of Arnmoor and what is left of the tribal realms of Na Lu’um. Due to its location Niweland quickly declared its self a neutral nation and refused to partake in the twelve year war a smart decision for a small country who borders no more than six nations. Its population is made up of many people and like the Independent Archipelago become a refuge for those fleeing the war.

New Kenwold
The Royal Wood

Bordering the tribal realms of Na Lu’um and the People’s Federation of Minamishi New Kenwold is a strong nation for its people always remained faithful to the bloodline of the old queendom thus when the Empire fell they were quick to find the closest descendant of that line and re-instate their queendom of old. In keeping with its old trade the people farm plantations and its wealth comes from its tropical produce.

Republic of Ninah
The Republic of Faith

The Republic of Ninah is a small nation in the very south eastern tip of the Draca Lands; originally it was part of the realm of Na Lu’um but was separated from it during the twelve year war. Its population for the most part is the Maaknalach but as its name indicates, named the half Beastman wife of a celebrated Emperor, it is a refuge for all those who are persecuted.

People’s Republic of Kingsleigh
The King’s Clearing

When the Empire fell the people of the province of Chuofu were quick to establish their own nation which they called the Peoples Republic of Kingsleigh harkening back to their days as kingship in the middle kingdoms. Its population is the most diverse and its trade ranges from manufacturing to fisheries. In its centre sits the ruins of the Imperial City a constant reminder of its turbulent past.

People’s Federation of Minamishi
South City

The People’s Federation of Minamishi occupies the lands which were once part of the province of Minamifu, hence the name. Unlike their southern brothers and sisters the people of Minamishi did not wish to be a part of the new queendom and so they fought bitterly against the people of New Kenwold in order to establish their own government.

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