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In the Sky Whale Trilogy we meet three heroines, with three destinies, in three unique novels set in the developing civilization of the Draca Lands spanning some two-hundred and seventy years. 

In each story the sky whale (a mythical omen of destiny) is a mostly  invisible but strong presence presiding over the destiny of our heroines as each heroine faces the turmoil of their times.

Volume 1: Sky Lily
One morning Lily Newman sees a whale in the sky! Despite her grandmother’s assurance that people who see sky whales are destined for great things life goes on as usual in her sheltered mountain village – that is until her path crosses with Viscount Odin Fairchild.

Suddenly Lily is thrust into a world of kings and queens and a kingdom in turmoil. Where will her convictions lead her? And can she find the courage to discover whether people who see sky whales really are destined for greatness?

Volume 2: Pearl Empire
At the tender age of six Eira is taken from her family and sent to the Keikoku Academy. The night before she leaves, her mother tells her a whale appeared in the skies above Hreinnby on the day she was born – an omen of destiny.

Years pass and Eira finds herself a position as a lady’s maid within the Imperial Palace. However trouble is stirring in the heart of the Empire. Driven by her conscience and a deep love for her people she will need to find the strength and courage to rise through the ranks and save the Empire from ruin.

Volume 3: Northern Dawn
Dawn and her father Balen flee to the safety of the Independent Archipelago to escape the great war ravaging their country. After twelve long years the war is finally over and peace begins to settle – but not for long.

Barely six years after the ceasefire whispers of war reach the islands of the Archipelago. In a bid to protect his daughter, Balen sends Dawn to the frozen north to marry – but neither snow nor ice can hold off war indefinitely. So far Dawn has been one step ahead of the seemingly unstoppable war.  Will the war finally overtake her, or is this man from the north, who once saw a sky whale, able to change the course of history? 
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