The History

The History 1

In ages passed the lands were wild and untamed, draca and wivern reigned and men like beasts lived within its bounds. They were a free people who lived by the rhythm of the land. Then in a time unknown men appeared out the shadows of Tarraq Nuna and made a home for themselves in the frozen lands of the north. Meanwhile to the east men sailed across the Nishikai from the islands of Shimamoto. They landed upon the Isle of Wivern which they called Shintochi and one by one the mighty wivern fell as they subdued the land.

Across the Astwind Strait in the Draca Lands men landed upon its western shores. They had sailed for miles across the Western Sea in search of a new home. Swiftly they moved eastwards across the land and settled along the eastern coast, there they established the kingdom of Kingsleigh. This new kingdom dubbed the native’s of the land Beastmen and with force they drove them from the lands which they had claimed for themselves. As if in retribution new men appeared from across the Western Sea, men who had fled from a land called Feigr, which means place of doom. These men were fierce and at once set to war against the kingdom of Kingsleigh. Taking advantage of the turmoil the Beastmen rose up against the men from the west and for many years the Draca Lands were engulfed in war.

The History 2
During this time to the east the clans of Shintochi became restless and tension grew as one clan, the Ugi, grew in power. The Ugi clan soon dominated the lands to the west of the Isle and there they appointed the first Genshu and called their lands Ryuugi. The other clans were quick to follow and thus Takaiyama, Shinjo, and Honjo were born.

The History 3
Back across the sea the Beastmen were defeated and driven into the southern jungles. For a time the lands were peaceful, for the men in the west had formed for themselves two kingdoms, Arnmoor and Ragnarr. Thus Kingsleigh and her lands were left alone or so the people thought, for men from the frozen north had began to venture across the Matuvoqimaq Sea. The northerners set their eyes upon the north peninsular which was split between the kingdom of Kingsleigh and Ragnarr. War ensued, the men of the north were strong and hardy and soon they had taken the lands which Kingsleigh ruled. Then in the heat of battle the army of Ragnarr was torn asunder for the whole of the Draca Lands shook and the earth was broken. West of Kalfirth the lands of Ragnarr were thrust up high above the other realms. Even in the frozen north the lands were divided, thus becoming Aaningasoq in the west and Sikununa in the east. That day Ragnarr felt its first defeat and the men of the north won for themselves a kingdom, Narsaqna.

Both Ragnarr and Kingsleigh were now weakened and the Beastmen of the south once more grasped at the opportunity. This time however they were united under one chieftain and they called themselves the Maaknalach, the true people. In great force they attacked the middle kingdoms. The war was long and bitter, seeing no end in sight Kingsleigh called for a treaty and treat they did. The Maaknalach were granted the freedom to roam throughout the kingdoms of Kingsleigh, Narsaqna, and Ragnarr. Thus the Draca Lands entered an era of peace.

The History 4
During this time of peace however the men of the south of Kingsleigh grew discontent. In order to keep the peace the King of Kingsleigh granted the men in the south independence and thus they formed the queendom of Kenwold.

The History 5
Many years passed in relative peace but in the east trouble was stirring. The Genshu of Ryuugi was over thrown and his heirs put to death. The new Genshu however was not satisfied with the rule of one realm and he turned his eyes towards the west. However it was his son who declared war on the middle kingdoms. He bought the alliance of the Queen of Kenwold and lay siege to Kingsleigh from the south and the east. Then his warships landed upon the shores of Kalfirth and Narsaqna and Ragnarr were taken. When he had secured the middle kingdoms he then turned on the Queen of Kenwold. Thus the Empire was born and the Emperor divided the lands into provinces, Ragnarr became the province of Nishifu, Kenwold Minamifu, Narsaqna Kitafu, Ryuugi Higashifu, and Kingsleigh Chuofu.

Under the rule of the Empire the lands prospered for many years and there was a great industrial revolution, for the Maaknalach had been enslaved and upon their backs the Empire grew into a great power. However with each new Emperor the greed of the rich grew and many of the provinces and their people became impoverished as the nobles horded the wealth. In anger the people rose up against the Empire and the Emperor was overthrown. In his place the people appointed a new Empress under whose rule the Empire prospered once more. Slavery was abolished and peace was once more restored to the southern lands.

The History 6
However just as peace fell in one realm of the Draca Lands across the Astwind Strait it was a different story. The people had grown tired of the Genshu and so one by one the kingdom’s fell and for several years there was great turmoil for they had no rule. Then the people as one formed a new kind of government, they called this the United States of Shintochi. The lands were now comprised of seven states Chuokyo, Honjo, Higashi, Michigawa, Ryuugi, Sakashi, and Shinjo.

As one place found peace another found dissension for Emperor’s had come and gone and the Empire was once more imbalanced. Then one night people throughout the Empire rose up in rebellion once more and the Empire fell. What followed was twelve years of war, wherein men struggled for power.

The History 7
Eventually a cease fire was called and many new countries emerged from the rubble. In the north there was Narsaqna, Orngate, and Kitafu which remained under the Principality of the son of the last Emperor. In the west there was the Republic of Ragnarr, the democracy of Garthmoor, and the Democratic Republic of Nyragnar. In the south Niweland, the Republic of Ninah, and New Kenwold who re-established for themselves a new queendom. Finally in the centre of it all sat the People’s Republic of Kingsleigh and the People’s Federation of Minamishi.

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