The Men of the North

The northern men are said to have been born of shadows for they came out of the shadow lands of Tarraq Nuna into the Draca Lands and made their home in the realms of the frozen north. They are a dark-skinned people so dark that they are almost the colour of charcoal, their eyes are dark also and their hair black and they are much taller than your average man. They are known for being hardy folk and strong warriors for everyday they must face the fierce blizzards of the north.

The men of the north are tribal in nature living in small tribes with a single chieftain and yet at times many tribes will come together to share a settlement. Their chieftains are appointed by way of unammivaa a challenge of strength and once chieftain they and their family bleach their hair white as a sign of their position. Typically when a chieftain passes away their eldest child with succeeded them, however at anytime a chief maybe challenged to unammivaa and if he or she is defeated the victor takes his or her places as chieftain. In spite of defeat however the old chieftain and their family are still held in high regard and are prominent members of the tribe. For the most part northerners are nomadic in their lifestyle hunting and gathering and moving with the season however they do have several permanent settlements from which they travel between periodically.

Not all northerners remained in the frozen north however for there were some who travelled further into the Draca Lands and made their home there and over the years their physicality and lifestyle began to change, their dark skin became lighter, a deep brown rather than near black, they ceased to live their nomadic life style and instead built great cities like the men of the west. Soon they were vastly different from their north dwelling brothers and sisters their only commonality was the keeping of their language for naming places and people.

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