The Men of the West

The first men to come from across the western sea settled in the east of the Draca Lands where the climate was warm and temperate. They are a fair-skinned people with hair in shades of brown and black, their eyes display a variety of colors and they are of average height. They brought with them the language which became the common tongue and a way of life which was gradually adopted by all, for they ruled their lands with kings and queens built great cities developed many industries and delighted in art and music.

The second wave of western men to come across the sea were more hardy folk, men and women who had fled from a land they called Feigr, which means place of doom. They settled in the west of the Draca Lands where grass grew golden and precious stones could be found in high mountains. These western men were fairer with freckled skin and hair from blond to red, their eyes are often pale and they are of an average height. They soon set to war and built great defences along their boundaries for they knew though their land was harsh it had an abundance of wealth. It was not long before they became known for their warlords and their strongholds, for never was their city without a wall.

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