The Tribal Lands

The Tribal Lands

Within the Draca Lands there are realms that do not have a singular ruler instead the people live a tribal lifestyle with chieftains and elders who guide their way of life.

The Frozen North

The division between Aaningasoq and Sikununa to the people of the frozen north is one merely of landscape for never has there been any form of land ownership or government within its realms. Within the frozen north there are numerous tribes and many travel between the two realms throughout the year therefore it is often hard to distinguish between tribes people of Aaningasoq and Sikununa.
The tribes people of the frozen north are northern men dark skinned and tall. They live in tribes of up to a hundred families and the tribes are run by a single chieftain however on occasions several tribes will gather together and the chieftains share equal responsibility for the people. To become a chieftain one is either son or daughter of a current chief or one can challenge the chieftain, this challenge is called unammivaa, and if the chieftain is defeated the challenger takes his or her place as chief. It is important to note that no shame is attributed to a chieftain if he or she is defeated and they are still held in high regard within the tribe even after they are no longer a chief. As a way of distinguishing themselves from other tribal members the chieftains and their families bleach their hair white which is striking against their dark skin.

In Sikununa the tribes people spend their winters in permanent settlements consisting of mound dwellings, low houses built of stone, in the summer they migrate to various locations and erect tent’s made from hide. In Aaningasoq the tribes people live in a variety of permanent settlements which they travel between throughout the year. For the most part these settlements are made up of collections of cave-like dwellings built into the cliff side of the deep valleys however in more exposed areas they live mound dwellings like those of Sikununa. As for their life style the tribes people of the frozen north live a subsistence life style but from time to time will trade wares with those brave enough to make the journey north.

Na Lu’um
Earth Mother

Na Lu’um in the tongue of the Maaknalach means the earth mother and once was used to refer to the central realms of the Draca Lands where the Maaknalach lived out their nomadic lives however when men came from the west the Maaknalach were driven out of many of their ancestral lands until all they had was a section of jungle in the far south of the Draca Lands.

Being a tribal nation the Maaknalach were easily over powered by the kingdoms of the western men for the Maaknalach tend to travel in small family groups rather than in large tribes, however when temporarily settled in a location several family groups will reside together often with one or two elders, elders being tribesmen or women who are held in high regard and whose advice is often sought out in times of trouble. Due to the continuing wars many of the Maaknalach remained within the southern jungles and began living more settled lives building for themselves villages within the trees and yet unlike their brothers and sisters who remained living outside the borders of Na Lu’um they held onto their traditional way of life more readily, hunting and gathering whereas those who after many years were finally granted the freedom to live their nomadic life style within the middle kingdoms eventually became more westernized.

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