A little here a litte there

After a relaxing weekend I'm back into it again, today I spent most of my time transferring bits of writing from my notebook to my computor. Book five, Starlight, has been written in pieces that is I've been jotting down scenes as they come to me and so at the moment I have a whole bunch of small snippets from different chapters, but now that they have all been entered into a word doc I will begin writing in proper going from beginning to end.

Now Starlight will be a little different from my other novels as its a fantasy romance that being said it is not a typical romance, no smutty scenes or love triangles, it's a story which is about love lost and asks the question are the sacrifices you make in the face of ambition worth it. Above is a beautiful image which helped to inspire the piece the other major inspiration was The Great Gatsby. I also have a song from the amazing Lana Del Rey which expresses the theme of the story quite well I think.


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