Not according to plan

I planned to start working on my romance novel as its been sitting with several chapters written here and there and needs bringing together but instead, as always, my brain led me in another direction and so I started jotting down ideas and characters for another possible trilogy/series. Now I have in the past referred to my fourth book as whiteblood, well that's had a name change and is going to be a trilogy/series in the same vein as the Sky Whale Trilogy, meaning that its another story/stories set in the same world but further on in the time line and with new characters. Anyway so I've begun work on another novel based in the world of Ysgafn and I am very excited about it, so far it is looking like there will be three main characters and like whiteblood (Now known as Daughter of Darkness) each character has their own arch of questioning what they believe and coming to a decision about how they will/or will not stand against the darkness.

Anyway I just thought I'd let you know where I am at and what I am up to :)


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