Lessons in world building

World building is an important part of writing whether your work be set in a brand new world, an alternative version of our own, or in the past, present or future of our own.

Therefore over the next fourteen or so weeks I will endeavour to pass on what I have learned thus far by going through the steps that I use when crafting a world of my own.

Depending on what kind of a world you are building you may or may not need to go through all fourteen steps, however I am sure there will be some which you will find useful.

To give you a brief over view here are some of the areas I will be looking at, developing a language, creating a world from its seasons to its hierarchies of power, writing history from technological timelines to the rise and fall of nations.

The first lesson will be on choosing a language base for those who wish to create a unique language for their world, so stay tuned


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