New Design and Writing to Come

I've been so terrible at keeping this website up to date but that is all going to change.

We have migrated back to Blogger as I did not like the advertisements which were popping up when it was on Wordpress.

I have also opted for a cleaner more straight-forward design which will work nicely for daily writing.

The official website for the Sky Whale Trilogy has also had all its information migrated here so that you can explore the worlds of my stories in one place.

And yes I did mention daily writing. After I have finished some final small touch ups to the design of this website (and updated my hobby website) I will begin a series entitled Bus Ride Writing.

The aim is to get into the habit of writing a little something everyday and as I have a bus ride into work which is about twenty minutes its a good place to jot down some sort of little narrative.

These are unlikely to be linked to any of my novel's and are more an exercise in writing and getting into the habit of creating something new everyday.

So stay tuned for them to begin (probably from the 19th).


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