Bus Ride Writings - Meeting Marshmallow

A house rabbit, the flat had a house rabbit. The idea made her squeal with delight. So nervously she knocked on the door. She hoped they liked her, she hoped she liked them, and she hoped she’d be offered the room. The price was within budget and the location was not too far away from work. And of course there was the house rabbit. She loved rabbits, they had always been her favourite, but she hadn’t had one since she was a child.

Her previous places hadn’t allowed pets and she often travelled so finding someone to feed it while she was away would be of great concern.

The door was answered promptly, and she was welcomed in. They seemed nice and the house was clean and not too worn out as some flats were. She liked the room, it caught the mid-day sun all year round and so was warm and bright. Then at last she was introduced to Marshmallow. Marshmallow was a large dusky grey rabbit with perky ears. He hopped up to her gave a sniff and then hopped away again as is satisfied.

“He’s adorable,” she said.
“He likes cuddles too, but he’ll have to get to know you first,” one of the flatmates replied.
“So you’ll be in touch?” she asked at the door.
“Yes, we have two more to see, so probably Monday afternoon,” he replied.
“Thanks,” she said before leaving.

She wanted so badly to be chosen, to get too know Marshmallow and have rabbit hugs once more.


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