Bus Ride Writings - A Rainy Day

It was a dismal day, rain drizzled down from the sky in that sort of “do I bother using an umbrella, I’m only going round the corner to the bus stop, but what if it gets heavier, but what if it goes away and then I’m stuck carrying my umbrella all day” kind of way. In amongst this indecision was the looming choice which needed to be made, or at least that is what he thought as he walked umbrella in hand from the bus stop to the office block.

He disliked rain in summer, in fact he disliked summer in general, or at least the part of it when all the public holidays and annual leave had passed and in spite of the heat you had to done the business suit. One didn’t necessarily have to go into a corporate role however, but unfortunately for him had no other skills or imagination to recommend him for anything else, that and he just so happened to be a bit of financier. So there he was in the humid rain, long trousers, dress shoes, tie tied tightly, and suit jacket which was trying its best to hold in the little extra pudge he had acquired after the holidays feasting.

When he finally arrived at the office he was met by glum looking peers.

“They’ve just laid off Gary,” Melinda whispered to him. “Apparently John’s doing the rounds again. Corporate restructuring my ass, Nigel is just using it as an excuse to get rid of anyone he doesn’t like. You better watch yourself. Mike’s been issued with redundancy too and he’s brilliant, too brilliant for Nigel’s liking.”

He sighed and moved towards his desk. It was an open plan office with desks grouped together according to department. He looked towards Gary’s desk. He was slumped in the chair staring at the screen his redundancy notice in hand. Gary had been working there for twenty years, it he was gone who know who else would.

The day went by much the same as always, but then after lunch, which he often ate across the road in the small green space, his colleagues were standing around his desk.

“Sorry mate,” Kevin said patting him on the shoulder as he approached. There on the desk was a letter addressed to him, with the words confidential stamped across it. 


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