The Botany

Many interesting plants can be found in Draca Lands, some providing shelter while others contain healing properties.

Ak’chich: A thick vine which can be grafted to form natural bridges.

Baomraca: A tree which grows to resemble a mushroom with a dome of bristly leaves.

Beoreow: A species of tree which can grow to the size of a mountain.

Che’k’an: A tree whose leaves have haemostatic properties when mashed into paste.

Draugrvass: A species of tree which has a trunk that is covered in large thorns. The bark of draugrvass can be used to create the deadly poison draugreond.

Dansuha: A shrub whose leaves seem to dance as they follow the movement of the sun.

Eitr Laufsblao: A shrub whose leaves which are covered with red thorns.

Ha’ pak’al: A plant commonly found near water whose sap is used to treat burns.

Hunkul che’: A tree with a short, wide trunk whose top is flat. The Maaknalach build dwellings atop its canopy.

Hwit Berries: Edible white berries which grow on bushes.

Hydan: A shrub whose leaves curl up when approached.

Kanlol: A flower that resembles a snaca.

Keizujiru: A tree whose trunk grows in a spiral.

K’iinle: A shrub whose leaves have vulnerary properties when mashed into paste.

Litreik: A tree with a long thin trunk whose fresh bark is red, yellow, and green, thus as the old silvery bark peels off it reveals a plethora of colour.

Niktesak: The root of this plant can be made into an antiseptic wash.

Orpik: A tall triangular-shaped tree with bristly green leaves.

Polokchun: A tree with a thick tall trunk which grows perfectly straight and has only a few short branches at the very top.

Ryuhana: A white flower resembling the head of a wivern.

Skerolka: A grey ball shaped plant which when split open contains a milky liquid which quenches the thirst.

Slatrsteinn: A plant disguised as a rock which when split open contains a soft watery flesh like a melon.

Steorra: A small, purple star-shaped flower. It is a symbol of good fortune.

Stjarna: A yellow star-shaped flower with red stripes.

Take: A shoot plant with a long segmented stork and thin leaves

Ts’aakikle’: A plant whose leaves have vulnerary properties when mashed into paste.

Tsuruki: A vine which grows to resemble a large tree but with hollow trunks and branches; they are traditionally used as homes on the Isle of Wivern.

Wenel-mots: A root that when ground into powder can be used as a sedative.

Yuriha: A water plant whose giant round leaves which float upon the surface of the water.

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