The Men of the East

The eastern men came to the Draca Lands from the far east, they sailed across the Nishikai from the islands of Shimamoto and settled on the Isle of Wivern. They are a fair people with creamy white skin and almond shaped eyes, which are as dark as their hair is black and they are shorter and more slender than your average man. They brought with them a rich culture and heritage and on the Isle of Wivern they established a great civilisation.

They called the Isle Shintochi, the new land, and the people were ruled by clans, but as the years past the tension grew between the clans and soon the lands were divided in war. Then in place of a clan head the Ugi clan appointed a Genshu to rule over their lands, thus the first kingdom of the east was born. The remaining clans followed suit and the Isle of Wivern flourished as with each new Genshu the kingdoms followed their own aspirations becoming diverse cultures with unique strengths and trades. In the north military was their pride, in the east artisans and craftsman became their delight. In the south it was higher learning which was valued above all else, and in the west power and statues was displayed through pomp and ceremony.

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