The Kingdoms

The Kingdoms

When men first came from across the western sea to settle in the Draca Lands they took many of the lands which were once considered a part of Na Lu’um the ancestral lands of the Maaknalach, the indigenous people of the Draca Lands.

The Egle's Wrath

The kingdom of Arnmoor holds the record for the largest and longest reigning kingdom. Established shortly after men came from the west Arnmoor has remained volatile kingdom never signing any treaty with the Maaknalach or its neighbouring kingdoms and its history is plagued by land wars. Arnmoor is situated along the southwestern coast of the Draca Lands and for the most part is taken up by marshlands and grasslands its people live a nomadic sort of life living many in tents which they move from place to place frequently in order to hunt and grow crops, there are few cities for they are used mainly as a place to trade wares between people groups. Very little is known about their culture for they are hostile towards foreigners and they rarely speak the common tongue instead they speak the tongue of their ancestors.

The Strong Protector

The lands of the kingdom of Ragnarr once spanned across the top of the southern realms of the Draca Lands but when a huge earthquake shook the lands the west of Ragnarr was cut off as it was thrust high above all other lands the result was the loss of their eastern lands which were then taken by the men of the north. The earthquake however turned out to be a blessing for now Ragnarr’s lands were difficult to invade and so the great wealth of precious metal and stones was well guarded, even so they were often under attack or on the attack for resources and with each king the people of Ragnarr became fiercer and stronger, warlords infamous for their brutality. And yet in spite of their continual fighting they had a strong trade as war or no it was a necessity for other kingdoms to trade with them for gold and gemstones and so the people while speaking their own tongue became proficient in the common one.

Field Land

Narsaqna is located on the northern peninsular of the Draca Lands its lands once belonged to the kingdom of Ragnarr but when men came down from the north they warred against Ragnarr for claim over its lands the war finally ended when the west of Ragnarr was cut off them by a huge earthquake. The men of the north then established their own realm and began cultivating its fertile grasslands. Soon they abandoned their tribal heritage and like the men of the west set up a king to rule over them and began to speak the common tongue rather than their own. The people of Narsaqna soon became known for their graciousness for they treated with the Maaknalach and had open trade agreements with their neighbours even those across the sea.

The King's Clearing

Kingsleigh was the first kingdom to be established in the Draca Lands for the westerners who reside within it were the first to step foot within its realms. They settled in the centre of the Draca Lands where the weather is warm and temperate, there they began felling forests to cultivate fields and build cities for they were an industrious people who wished to carve out for themselves a paradise. However when more men came from the west much of its lands were taken and then there was a revolt and half of its lands became a new kingdom and so all that was left of Kingsleigh was a small stretch of lands encased by mountains.

The Royal Wood

Kenwold is a young realm for once its lands were a part of Kingsleigh. It is located south of the Heahling Mountains and is covered in hot tropical jungles. Kenwold’s establishment occurred because the people began to think themselves distinct from those of the north of Kingsleigh for they farmed plantations and hunted wildlife their way of life had become far more rural and subsistence than their brothers and sisters and they took pride in that fact. Thus the King of Kingsleigh granted them independence and radically instead of the kingship they had a queenship for they set up the leader of the revolt as their Queen.

The Kingdoms of the Isle of Wivern

When men first sailed from the east and landed upon the shore of the Isle of Wivern they called it Shintochi and under the rule of the Ugi clan they established a great civilisation but after many years the clans fought amongst themselves and in place of the old world of clans they set up kings known as Genshu’s to rule over the various lands.

Old Castle

Located in the north of the Isle of Wivern Honjo is a sheltered by mountains and forests. The Genshu of Honjo took pride in military prowess and so Honjo became a nation of great warriors, the people also take pride in protocol and ceremonies become a display of wealth and status, which it funds with its abundance of precious metals and gemstones.

New Castle
Shinjo is located in the centre of the Isle of Wivern and is famous for its many waterways which it uses as trading routes between the other realms of the island. The people of Shinjo are keen business men and are always able to turn a good profit from trade, produce taxes, and hospitality.

Tree of the Ryu

Ryuugi is the home of the descendants of the Ugi clan who rule as Genshu. Ryuugi is in the west of the Isle of Wivern and is mostly covered in dense forest beyond the forest the people created terraced rice paddies, however their primary industry has always been in silk. The people of Ryuugi are known for their pride and famous for their grand displays of pomp and ceremony. Despite a wide gap between the wealthy and the general population the people of Ryuugi did not object for the Genshu ruled with an iron fist and if one were to attempt an uprising the infamous Yorushi would be set upon them, the Yorushi being an elite faction of the army used solely by the Genshu for political warfare.
Ryuugi was the birth place of the Empire and it all began because of one man, one of the Yorushi who betrayed the Genshu and took his throne. The ambition of this new Genshu was passed down to his son who then began his work creating for himself a great empire.

The High Mountain

Takaiyama is the southernmost kingdom of the Isle of Wivern, protected from the other lands by a stretch of mountains Takaiyama is a sheltered land of green fields with a large river delta cutting its way through its centre. The people of Takaiyama are famous for their schools of higher learning for the Genshu valued knowledge above all else the people are therefore known as wise and methodical.

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