The Maaknalach (Beastmen)

The indigenous people of the Draca Lands, they have a reddish-brown skin tone accompanied by dark hair and eyes. There most striking feature is a pair of horns which sit between the crown of their head and their ears. The Maaknalach are often referred to as Beastmen because they have the ability to transform into beast-like creatures. Their skin becomes covered with thick plush fur, their hands and feet become clawed, and their faces become less human and more animal-like, because of this the Maaknalach have long been discriminated against.

Traditionally the Maaknalach were a transient nation and tribal in their lifestyle hunting and gathering food, living close to the land and never in permanent settlements. They did not have chiefs or rulers but rather there were elders, men and women who were held in high regard because they displayed great wisdom and insight. These elders would give guidance to the people in times of trouble and when trouble did befall the Maaknalach one elder Tohil brought all the tribes people together to fight against the western men who had taken their lands. Their battle was fierce and lasted many years until finally the kings and queens of the middle kingdoms came together and treated with Tohil and they signed a treaty allowing the Maaknalach to roam freely once more throughout the Draca Lands, however for some the scars of war could not be healed and so many remained within the borders of Na Lu’um in the south choosing to give up their nomadic life. Those who remained in the jungles kept hold of their tribal lifestyle and lived off the land while those who continued to travel throughout the Draca Lands became somewhat westernised becoming proficient in trades which they could utilise in every town from east to west. However their freedom was short-lived for under the Empire all treaties were destroyed and the Maaknalach became enslaved, the soldiers of the Empire even crossed the boundaries of Na Lu’um in order to expand their slave population and once again they became in the eyes of the people nothing more than beasts. But their enslavement did not last and with the abolition slowly they were accepted as equal members of society once more. In spite of their years of persecution and the many trails they have face the Maaknalach remain a passionate people caring deeply for one another and the lands they call home.

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