The Technology

For many years human and animal power had driven industry but slowly ways of harnessing the power of water and wind were emerging alongside this was a move away from basic sanitation, many cities began to build sewers and other drainage systems, aqueducts where developed and built, wells became more sophisticated at gathering water. Irrigation was also being improved upon with water being channelled to fields and floodgates being used to prevent flooding. Medicine was still largely based on traditional herbal remedies utilising the naturally found chemicals to aid healing but with the use of sutures internal surgery was slowly becoming common place which led to a greater understanding of anatomy. One of the major innovations during this time was the development of firearms and black powder in the west. Soon cannons were beginning to shape the way battles are fought and the kingdoms of the west became a fierce and powerful force.

The Empire heralded the entrance of the steam age using steam power to develop many industries at such a rate that the large part of its provinces became industrial landscapes with the boom of mass production. With this new technology came better sanitation systems and plumbing supplying most cities with running water and sewer ways. Irrigation was also improved with water being piped into fields so that the season of harvest could be prolonged. Transportation has been revolutionised with invention of the steam engine. Great railway systems have been established with in the Empire to transport people and goods from one province to another. Within cities steam carriages are used and across seas steamships have all but taken over form traditional sailing ships. Even air travel is being explored with the invention of airships that in appearance are similar to regular ships but instead of sails they use large fabric balloons which are filled with hot air by way of a boiler. Gas lighting has taken over from oil and candle based lamps although in the east and in poor regions of the Empire fire is still the main source of lighting. Medicine has taken leaps and bounds and there is now a vast knowledge of the body with many surgeons being trained to perform new procedures. But one of the major innovations discovered during this time is electricity and the creation of the incandescent lamp. Also during this time warfare has changed dramatically with the invention of mechanised weapons, mechanical cannon which can fire multiple shots of ammunition in one round and more sophisticated hand held weapons such as rifles and revolvers.

Towards the end of the Empire electrical power had taken over streamlining production and revolutionising the way people live. Alongside electricity was the invention of the internal combustion engine allowing auto carriages to run on oil this discovery also led to leaps and bounds in aviation soon aeroplanes and seaplanes were everywhere, the wireless telegraph was also invented allowing broadcasts to be made internationally, shortly after came the audio telegraph which allowed people to speak to one another over long distances, this replaced the telegraph which could only send coded messages and so was primarily used by the military or business men. However with all the good came the bad weapons were now automated able to fire rapidly and reload mechanically, rockets and torpedo’s and other missiles were developed, bombs and mines were also developed. With so many efficient weapons wars became bloodier and the battle field shifted from open land to city streets. Because of the new methods for killing medicine had to advance and advance quickly, synthetic medicines where produced which simulated and augmented the properties found in natural remedies, sutures were perfected, and surgery became the norm.

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