Reading Aloud

Over the past few days I've been doing a final read through of my fourth novel, Whiteblood, and I've found that reading aloud to myself is really helpful, I am able to get a feel for the rhythm of the piece as well as notice places where my phrasing is a little odd, I don't typically speak like ordinary people I've made up words and said sentences wrong purposefully for as long as I can remember because for some strange reason I get enjoyment out of it.

My close friends no longer bat an eyelid when I say lets go to the market of super (the supermarket). One thing about reading aloud is that by the end of the day your voice is shot, plus it's not really a type of reading you can do around company they may think you're a little strange.

Anyway I've finished talking to myself and I am glad to say that the book is looking and sounding great, I've rewritten a few parts and made some small tweaks and I think I have something really quite special now. Unfortunately you won't be able to get your hands on it for some time as I need to save up a bit to pay for editing, this one's turned out much longer than my previous books. Speaking of my other novels the final installment of the Sky Whale Trilogy is off for editing and the front cover is finished (sneak preview coming soon).

Task for the rest of this week getting stuck into book five!


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