Structured Writting

I've been busy over the last two days busy with writing, finally.

Before getting really stuck into book five, Starlight, I had some major organization to do. Since I began writing sections of chapters here and there I really needed to sit down and nut out when and where things should happen and well it took a good day and I still have some work to do on it. The more characters and backstories you add to a piece makes coming up with some kind of flow for the over arching story sometimes tricky especially when you are dealing with flashbacks as well >.<

But I've got a good plot summary now and rough chapter outlines and so I am set to get stuck into the writing in proper.

Today I had work for half the day and the other half I was working on fleshing out the plot for book six, The Way Stone Prophecy, I've only just called it a day (at 10pm) and I've only worked out about half of the plot, apart from the end always know the end as soon as I know the beginning, its the getting from A to B which is the fun part. It's looking like a very good story so far and once again multiple main characters.

So far very pleased with what I've done this week and there are still two more days to go before the weekend!


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