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The World

The Draca Lands are a large hook-shaped peninsular at the southern tip of a large frozen continent.

The Draca Lands also include a large island which lies just to the east of the peninsular, the Isle of Wivern.

Within the Draca Lands there are a variety of climates and landscapes. In the north where the Draca Lands meet the frozen continent are the shadow lands, there the light of the sun and moon refuses to shine. The lands directly south of the shadow lands are known as the frozen north for their climate is as bitterly cold as the frozen continent it clings to. In the eastern realms of the frozen north are large snow covered plains and high mountains clustered around frozen lakes. Here blizzards plague the land and summer brings little relief, it is a land of snow and ice. To the west the snow begins to melt away for the western realms of the frozen north feel the heat of the summer sun. There sheltered within deep valleys nature flourishes.

Between the frozen north and the southern lands lies the closed sea whose turbulent waters are fed by the open sea which lies to the east. On land the divider is an area known as Dracalan, a ring of high mountains encircling a lake of lava. Dracalan is a barren place of rock and fire and is believed to be the birth place of the mighty draca.

In the western region of the southern lands the climate becomes dry and hot. Along the south-western coastline great river deltas create rich marshlands and golden plains. Here the summers are long and autumn hearkens a season of rain. Further north the land reaches extremes scorching summers wither the grasses and cold winters bring snow. Here only the hardiest of nature live.

To the east the climate shifts from temperate to tropical. In the north though winters can be harsh summer reaps a bountiful harvest. Here grasslands and forests abound. Moving south however forests turn to jungles where rain falls freely and winters are warm.

Across a thin strait of water the Isle of Wivern experiences a climate of its own. Here there are four distinct seasons, the falling leaves of autumn, winters of snow, the new birth of spring, and summers yielding a plentiful harvest. There is also a variety of landscapes from high mountains to large forests and in between a great network of rivers weaves its way through the lands.

What lies beyond the Draca Lands has long been forgotten. Lands abandoned lie across the western and eastern seas and to the south the vast southern ocean flows ever on.

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